Hello. My name is Jonny Footman.
I love beaches, road trips, film, photography, social activism, scientific discoveries, photoshop, foreign cultures, chess, movie scores, non-fiction, poetry, and Radiohead. I’ve been modeling for artists and photographers since 2009. I began in fashion photography, but was soon after recruited to pose for The Otis College of Fashion, holding still poses for their fashion illustration classes. It was there that I realized that I was interested in becoming a professional Art Model. Since then, I’ve worked for 30+ Art schools and institutions, and have honed my ability to pose and help inspire artists to learn and create. As an artist myself, I thoroughly enjoy constantly being in an artistic environment, and seeing the different perspectives of looking at art and the many ways in which it is taught. I am available for schools, workshops, and individual artists. Feel free to contact me, my calendar is available for viewing and is updated instantly.